HovText  .:: a simple and user-friendly Windows open source clipboard manager

HovText is a simple free open source Windows clipboard manager, which will remove any formatting from the copied text and save it for later retrieval via hotkeys. It stores both the unformatted cleartext and the original formatting along with images.

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Below are all stable releases and source code listed (view HovText GitHub).
The green top listning is the newest available stable version, and you are always encouraged to choose this version.

HovText 2024-February-2

This is a major new release which introduces a lot of new functionalities like e.g. a new modern UI, much faster clipboard processing, application exclusion, ability to save the content and not least a proper code signing certificate.

NOTE 1: The "instant-select" interface has been removed and now only the "Search" interface is available.

NOTE 2: The "Toggle favorite entry" key can give unintended behaviour in "Search" if you have set a normal character as key - you cannot search for text containing this character. Any previously configured alpha-numeric character and Space in "Toggle favorite entry" is converted to the new default Oem5 key.

  • Signed application with an (IV) code signing certificate (valid for 10 years)
  • Fixed it could not display clipboard entries with more than 64Kb text in the clipboard list
  • Fixed it will not briefly show application window at Windows startup (before minimizing it)
  • Fixed showing images in the clipboard list is now much faster
  • Added new UI
  • Added saving clipboard entries to local computer (encrypted)
  • Added possibility to exclude applications from being processed by HovText
  • Added "Welcome Guide" at first launch
  • Added "Start as disabled"
  • Added possibility to scroll and select with mouse in clipboard list
  • Added application icon from where the clipboard come from
  • Added showing memory consumption under "Advanced" tab
  • Added favorites can be marked in "Search" interface (now referred to as "clipboard list")
  • Added possibility to search for transparent images
  • Added check for folder write access
  • Added shortcut in "Start Menu"
  • Added it will close clipboard list when it looses focus
  • Removed "Instant-select" interface
  • Removed reporting of CPU architecture
  • Changed CPU architecture from supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit to now 64-bit only
  • Changed default key for "Toggle favorite entry"
  • Changed "Toggle favorite entry" no longer can be set to alpha-numeric characters including Space
  • Changed it will not process/copy clipboard at startup or application enabling
  • Changed display of images in clipboard list will auto-fit to element size
  • Changed the "Auto-install" method
  • Changed deleting an entry will no longer jump to the top of the list
  • Changed prompt for "too big troubleshooting file" will only show if logging is active
  • Changed executable/DLL packaging method (replaced Costura/Fody with ILRepack)
  • Refactored and parallelized clipboard handling
  • Refactoring of code and a few trivial changes and fixes

  • Go to GitHub for SOURCE

    HovText 2023-September-20

    Introducing a new interface with (default) ALT + S where you quickly can search/filter for previous copied texts or images. This is really a convenient and intuitive way of working with the historic clipboard entries in the daily work. View the General documentation and scroll down to "Enable search interface" for how-to use.

  • Fixed that headline height now takes font size in consideration
  • Fixed some custom colors were wrongly set
  • Fixed that setting hotkey for toggling application on/off should not be dependent on enabled history
  • Added "Search" interface, which is actually a new mode of operation
  • Added possibility to always paste original (formatted) text
  • Added "Colors" tab and rearranged location of elements
  • Added showing hotkeys for interfaces in "General" tab
  • Changed "Instant-select" interface can be disabled (was previously the only solution available)
  • Changed "Enable favorites" is default not enabled at new installations (first launch)
  • Removed the "Privacy" tab again as the UI got a little crowded
  • Refactored some code and a few minor changes

  • Go to GitHub for SOURCE

    HovText 2023-May-17

  • Fixed display handling, so it now remembers used display setups
  • Fixed that HovText will not process its own clipboard entries
  • Fixed at Windows startup and application launch, that troubleshooting logfile was wrongly initialized
  • Fixed launching another "HovText.exe" file, in another directory, will start this file after Windows startup
  • Fixed it briefly showed wrong icon at startup, if behaviour was set to "Paste only on hotkey"
  • Fixed it will show a (meaningful) message, if Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (or newer) is not available
  • Added auto-install functionality (experimental)
  • Added "Open executable location" under "Advanced"
  • Added original + new square icons as an option
  • Added full customizable color styling
  • Added customizable margin to edges
  • Added "Privacy" tab with information on user data
  • Added possibility to attach troubleshooting logfile in "Feedback"
  • Added handling if troubleshooting logfile gets larger than 10MB
  • Added commandline option for "Exit"
  • Added commandline option for "Clean-up and exit"
  • Changed "Start with Windows" is default enabled when launched the first time
  • Changed application launch, so it takes the current clipboard as the first element
  • Changed it will show "Settings" instead of a warning when trying to launch multiple instances
  • Changed "Width" and "Height" can be 100% in "Layout"
  • Changed "Layout" sliders are not dependent on each other
  • Changed "Check for updates online" is now mandatory
  • Refactored some code and a few minor changes

  • Go to GitHub for SOURCE

    HovText 2021-March-3

  • Fixed missing active border on picture history entries
  • Fixed re-enabling application will enable dependent fields correctly when history is disabled
  • Fixed if history is disabled then images will not be processed at all
  • Added favorite history entries
  • Added selection of screen where to display the history list (source contribution by "FNI")
  • Added support for a couple of additional image formats (formats with image and color)
  • Removed "restore last text" when in Excel as it gave more problems than it solved
  • Refactored code for the history area

  • Go to GitHub for SOURCE

    HovText 2021-January-27

  • Fixed an exception error when copying an image
  • Fixed an error when copying a text or form in Excel
  • Fixed a SSL connectivity error with the update channel - forced it to use TLS 1.2 as minimum
  • Added full unicode support
  • Added "Advanced" tab
  • Added "Feedback" tab
  • Added possibility to download the newest development version
  • Changed to use .NET Framework 4.8 to support TLS 1.3 communication

  • Go to GitHub for SOURCE

    HovText 2021-January-8

  • Fixed it could not correctly paste transparent PNGs or GIFs
  • Fixed that transparent pictures will show as transparent in history list
  • Fixed history hotkeys still reacted even if "Enable history" was disabled
  • Fixed "Settings" will be brought to front when activated and not stay hidden beind other applications
  • Fixed misspelling of default font
  • Added the "Paste on hotkey only" feature (blue icon)
  • Added custom sizing for the history area
  • Added border color to the active history entry
  • Added custom colors to the color theme and removed the "white" color
  • Changed that there now can be shown up to 30 elements in the history list
  • Changed that main "Settings" icon also changes when disabling application or altering behaviour
  • Changed default number of visible history entries from 1 to 8
  • Made it possible to have limited public test versions
  • Renamed a couple of registry settings so reconfiguration may be needed
  • Rewrote code for the history area

  • Go to GitHub for SOURCE

    HovText 2020-December-16

  • Fixed that the end-of-list flashing history headline does not get stuck at wrong color
  • Fixed that it did not remember the "Enable history" setting
  • Added possibility to restore original text formatting
  • Added history list view (1-10 elements)
  • Added possibility to not store images in the history list
  • Show a notification the first time the application is closed or minimized to tray
  • Tray icon shows how many entries in the history when hovered with mouse
  • Application can now only start one instance
  • Change focus to HovText at each history hotkey press, so it always will detect the key-up event
  • "Settings" UI will not be shown when pressing history hotkeys
  • Minor UI changes (history location will be reset to default, sorry)

  • Go to GitHub for SOURCE

    HovText 2020-November-24

  • Fixed that ALT was required to select history entry (ALT key-up)
  • Fixed when updating from legacy version to new version, then it did not startup minimized
  • Fixed mouse doubleclick should not toggle application on/off when clicking tray icon
  • Fixed tab order in UI
  • Added possibility to set history location on screen
  • Replaced hotkey library and updated hotkey UI
  • Browsing the history up/down is more responsive
  • Minor UI changes
  • Renamed a few registry keys
  • Removed the debug tab in UI
  • Merged the hotkey DLL file in to the EXE file
  • Code base clean-up

  • Go to GitHub for SOURCE

    HovText 2020-November-16

  • Fixed a bug that the version number was not correctly reported when building from source code

  • Go to GitHub for SOURCE

    HovText 2020-November-15

  • Completely rewritten
  • Requires .NET Framework
  • Improved clipboard handling
  • Change UI
  • Removed the possibility for regular expressions
  • Major bug - CTRL+½ (Oem5) will not work as hotkey

  • Go to GitHub for SOURCE

    ------[ Legacy versions below ]------
    ! Fixed
    + Added
    - Removed
    * Changed
    ? Known bug
    # Information
    2011-Jun-20 @ 23:59 HovText v3.0.4110.27863.beta released
    Download EXECUTEABLE or find get SOURCE here
    # Totally rewritten (now requires Microsoft .NET Framework)
    # Much simpler Settings but with better options
    # It now also shows pictures in history
    # It will notify when a new (stable?) version is released
    # ... more ...

    2005-Jul-13 @ 23:06 HovText v2.0 released
    Download INSTALLER or find get SOURCE here
    ! Major bug - when two HovText applications runs simultaneous in a VNC session it crashes both VNC and HovText
    ! Major bug - the unformatted clipboard data size can now be 4GB instead of 32KB
    ! Minor bug - when you doubleclick the trayicon the window is hidden in the back
    ! Insignificant bug - the order, when stepped through the keyboard, at the configuration page is not logical
    + Windows Installer - HovText can be installed and uninstalled through Add/Remove Programs
    + History - possibility to recreate old copied text (a simple clipoard manager)
    + Possibility to recreate the original clipboard contents when HovText is disabled
    + Possibility to also specify a regular expression seachstring as a linktype
    + Possibility to remove identical lines
    + The first time HovText is started, it comes with an info popup that tells, that HovText is started
    * HovText now operates with its own memory scope
    * The filesize is sharply reduced (from 1,1MB to 0,51MB)

    2004-Apr-26 @ 21:25 HovText v1.0 released
    Download EXECUTEABLE or find get SOURCE here
    * Sourcecode - Codeoptimization and comments inside the code
    + Translation - Italian language
    + Translation - Swedish language
    ! Long delay when HovText was started first and then copying into fx. Outlook (fixed)
    * Language selection sorted alphabetical

    2004-Apr-7 HovText v0.8 released
    Download EXECUTEABLE or find get SOURCE here
    + Single click on task tray icon activates/deactivates the program
    + When you delete an own-defined linkfield it will also be deleted from the registry

    2004-Mar-30 HovText v0.7 released
    Download EXECUTEABLE or find get SOURCE here
    + Links - posibillity to choose what links to copy (email, web, movies, pictures etc.)
    + Double click on task tray icon - to get the Settings
    ! CPU consumption in WinXP - rarely when on copy, the Hovtext process could take drastic CPU resources

    2004-Mar-17 HovText v0.6 released
    Download EXECUTEABLE or find get SOURCE here
    ! Major bug - when used with "Copy only on hotkey" it is not possible to paste into eg. Word etc. (fixed)
    + Include the "BSD License, Revised" inside the source package
    + Language - german, french and dutch added
    + Language - possibility to change between languages
    ! Major bug - it is not possible to copy binary files in Windows (fixed)
    * At copy only links - MailTo and javascript tags removed
    ! Minor bug - registry settings are now saved on changes and not when the program is closed
    ! Minor bug - OpTool coexistence (HovText now access the clipboard once instead of every 5 seconds)

    2004-Mar-4 HovText v0.5 released
    Download EXECUTEABLE or find get SOURCE here
    ! Minor bug - error if you open a dialog box twice (fixed)
    * Feature - mode of operation regarding "always active or only active on hotkey". Now it is "Copy only on hotkey" (see documentation)
    * Icon - finalized icons
    + Icon - there are now three icons (depending on hotkey function)
    + Feature - copy only links

    2004-Feb-27 HovText v0.4 released
    Download EXECUTEABLE or find get SOURCE here
    ! Minor bug - if you choose the same hotkey it only deactivates the application (fixed)
    ! Minor bug - hinttext in tray when active/inactive fixed
    ? Minor bug - error if you open a dialog box twice
    * About - new picture
    + General - only possible to startup one instance of the application
    + Feature - automatic startup with Windows
    + Feature - remove leading/trailing whitespaces
    + Feature - remove leading/trailing linebreaks
    + Feature - mode of operation (always active or only active on hotkey)

    2004-Feb-25 HovText v0.3 released
    Download EXECUTEABLE or find get SOURCE here
    ! Icon - new icons in tray
    + Menu - new menu item (Options)
    + Menu - new menu item (About)
    + Feature - remove all registry settings for the current user
    + Feature - possibillity to specify startup condition (active, inactive or as last condition)
    + Feature - possibillity to use your own custom made icons
    + Feature - hotkey. Activates or deactivates the application
    + Feature - multiple users support on the same machine (creates settings in registry)
    # Registry - creates key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\The Hovgaard Klan\HovText\]
    # Registry - creates value [..\HovText\HotKey]
    # Registry - creates value [..\HovText\StartAs]
    # Registry - creates value [..\HovText\LastState]
    ? Minor bug - if you choose the same hotkey it only deactivates the application

    2004-Feb-25 HovText v0.2 released
    Download EXECUTEABLE or find get SOURCE here
    + Icon - there are now two icons (active/inactive)
    ! Icon - new icons in tray
    + Language - autodetect danish/english language in themenu
    ! Menu - when focus is removed from the menu it disapears
    # First sourcekode released

    2004-Feb-24 HovText v0.1 released
    Download EXECUTEABLE
    # Intial release