HovText  .:: a simple and user-friendly Windows open source clipboard manager

HovText is a simple free open source Windows clipboard manager, which will remove any formatting from the copied text and save it for later retrieval via hotkeys. It stores both the unformatted cleartext and the original formatting along with images.

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HovText is a clipboard manager that can remove any text formatting from the copied text, e.g. font face, size, color or other styles. Any text in the clipboard will be pasted as cleartext. It can store and retrieve previous copied texts and images and it is possible to restore the original text formatting.

It is a must-have for the power-users wanting to increase efficiency when dealing with especially text from Office applications or the internet, but also if you often reuse previous copied text or images.

List of features available in HovText:
  • Remembers all copied texts and images that can be easily restored via a clipboard manager
  • Removes all formatting, leading/trailing whitespaces and empty new-lines from the copied text
  • Can save the clipboards to local computer
  • Intuitive, fast and modern UI for finding previous copied texts or images
  • Keeps the most used clipboard entries at top
  • Easy user interface - keyboard friendly and with no need for a mouse
  • Can restore original text formatting
  • Can act as a text-only clipboard manager, but can also handle images
  • Full unicode support
  • Favorite entries can be marked for quicker retrival
  • Automatic check for new versions and auto-install
  • Full user customization for layout settings with e.g. list-view, positioning, display and styling
  • Configurable global hotkeys for all actions
  • Built-in cleanup possibility as-if application has never been run on system
  • No installation required - portable lightweigth executeable
  • Requires 64-bit Windows 10 (or newer) and .NET Framework 4.8 (or newer)
  • Easy for IT organizations to incorporate and manage
  • No need to learn application specific ways for pasting as plaintext - with HovText it works the same way, always
  • No registration or advertising - no nags
  • Freeware and open source available on GitHub
  • Signed executable and application has existed for the last 20 years
A quick show-and-tell:

You can the view a list of all previous copied texts or images and you can search/filter to get the exact entry you want:

View the Screenshots to see how the application looks like and which concrete functionalities it has.