HovText  .:: a simple and user-friendly Windows open source clipboard manager

HovText is a simple free open source Windows clipboard manager, which will remove any formatting from the copied text and save it for later retrieval via hotkeys. It stores both the unformatted cleartext and the original formatting along with images.

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2024-January-8 Exciting news as I now have bought and received an (IV) code signing certificate for the next 10 years! This means that HovText now will gain more trust with the various antivirus and malware scanners, and hopefully not be flagged as a false-positive. Over time the Windows SmartScreen filtering should also whitelist it for execution, even at first launch. For sure this was not cheap ($894, ouch!), but I got very frustrated when I discovered not less than 13 false-positive findings with VirusTotal.com with one of my development builds - crazy!
Also in general HovText has received its biggest update ever, with a ton of new features like e.g. a completely new UI but also a rewrite of the clipboard handling, which has made the clipboard processing much faster.
The development has actually finished, but I will be testing for some time, before releasing it as a stable new version.
I do hope this shows my commitment and that HovText will exists for the next many years to come 👍😃

2023-September-20 Today a new version has been released and I am quite pleased with the new interface, where it is possible to search for previous copied texts or images. This has become my new way of working as it gives such a flexibility and yet it is fast to find the most recent copied entries. Just use the new interface with the arrow keys and ENTER but I recommend viewing the documentation for it as it has more options

2023-June-7 I have started development of a new version that will introduce the possibility to search for text in the clipboard history. I will allow for a long delay before this will be released, as I don't want to spit out too many new versions with too little changes per year. You can follow the progress under Roadmap and I urge for you to give input if you have any suggestions or problems.

2023-May-17 Though it was meant to be a minor update then it actually ended up being one of the biggest updates - at least if you count the number of "change bullets". Also it did go faster than anticipated, which is a nice welcome to the normal delays in software projects :-) I actually did try to utilize the new ChatGPT4 AI, which helped me out in some situations so this is a nice little helper for novice C# developers like myself.

2023-April-15 After some hipernation, then it is about time to get a new release out the door, and I do have some minor changes I would like to do. Most changes are not directly noticable by the users, but it is worth doing anyway - keep the stuff in a healthy shape, right. I do hope to finalize everything within June/July, after some proper testing, and if you have any good ideas, then please just contact me.

2021-May-11 UPS! I just noticed today in a logfile, that I did not announce the new stable March version in the update channel. It was stated in there, that the newest stable version was from January but actually the newest stable version is from March, so the next time HovText is being restarted then it hopefully should show the new version.
This could explain the slow transition to the newest version, which I have been wondering about. Oh my! :-)

2021-Mar-31 HovText seems to have stabilized itself - both in terms of functionalities but also in its low volume of users :-) For now there seem to be around ~12 active users... probably plus a few additional ones, not checking for frequent updates. Also there is no new version in the pipeline currently as there is no demand for it and I think it fulfills its small little niche just fine. It is for sure not a mass-market tool and as long as I don't get any daily break-downs then I am happy.

2021-Jan-27 For now I have given up on getting a code signing certificate, type OV or IV. When I do not have a government ID that has both a photo and my address then they want a signed document form a public notary or a lawyer. I am not ready to spend this amount of $$$ on this hobby project yet, taken in to consideration that the new REBOOTED edition only has given $25 in donation so far ;-) This also means that the annoying problem with false-positive antivirus and Windows Smart Screening will be an ongoing issue, sorry for that.

2021-Jan-8 A new version has been released and I am pleased to say that it is now fully feature complete. I think the next time period will be a little more relaxed, with less releases though I do expect some bugfixes are needed.
I am considering if some debug information is needed, if anyone report errors - then maybe it would be a good idea to gather some debug information with a special setting or alike.

2021-Jan-3 Within mid-January a new version will be released (some more testing needed) and this version will include the last major milestone set when starting this new REBOOTED project, Paste only on hotkey. Finally I succeeded to get this working and by then HovText will be feature complete, compared to the old legacy version. The hard work still remains - to muck out all the bugs that must be in the application, so please report any error through the Contact page.

2020-Dec-14 This web page has got a minor UI update. It is far from looking modern or crisp but I guess that anything would help on the old design :-) For now I will not do much more on this topic as it fits its purpose.

2020-Nov-24 Things are progressing nicely and today a new version has been released. I am still missing two of the bigger parts yet, to be able to restore at least the last original clipboard content and the ability to paste on hotkey only. I cannot currently get this to work but I hope time will tell. That being said then the current version is fully working with all the great possibilities to walk up and down in the clipboard history and restore cleartext content, which is the main goal of this application.

2020-Nov-15 Exciting news as HovText has been revived! Yes, it is unexpected but actually true and we already released the first new REBOOTED edition, which has been completely rewritten from scratch. The reason for the rewrite was that the old "legacy" version used an old way for getting clipboard data but the new version hooks to the clipboard chain, which should be much more robust. Another reason is that it has now been developved by the non-C# developer of the duo, Dennis as I came to the conclusion if I really want it done then do it yourself. Jesper has helped in the beginning with development of the first alpha version. It has also been released on GitHub, so others can review it and even hopefully give some code restructuring tips as this is absolutely needed - I am by nature a "spaghetti programmer" which is not ideal if others should take a look at it.
The donation button has also again been enabled as this seems fair with a new/active version.

2015-Jun-12 NOW we are officially dead!!! ;-) There is no more motivation to program a new and better HovText and the Paypal donation button has been removed for ages ago. Sadly it lacks with alternatives that just as easily can strip formatting and have clipboard history but there is nothing I can do to change this as I am no C# coder (I guess this cannot work in PHP - that would be too easy then). The money ($90 after Paypal tax) has now been divided equally between us and I am sure we will buy a memory-lane-pizza for the money :-) Thank you for the support/comments throughout the years.

2013-Oct-9 We are not all dead though it for sure looks like it! We have now posted a "job profile" on ODesk.com where we search for a hardcore coder who can look in to this problem. We have previously tried this without any luck so I am not ecstatic jubilant that this is the final truth but it is the last shot we have left to get this bug fixed! Hopefully the right guy see our post and can fix it. So this is just to keep you posted that finally your donations will have its purpose as we have setup a $400 bounty to get this fixed :-)

2012-Aug-16 We have just reached $100 in donations from a total of 9 users. This is really nice and very much appreciated. The money will with guarantee be used for HovText development in any form - this could be pizza (only when having HovText coding sessions) and/or help with either development or the webpage (maybe some nice icons?). Thanks to all who have donated.

2012-May-17 We could really use some help nailing down the VNC/RDP/Office bugs we have (when running in parallel) - if you can reproduce an error in one of these applications please contact us (use the Support form). We have major issues with those but seems not to be able to reproduce how it happens (it can be everything from the first copy/paste to not happening at all).
If anyone have intensive knowledge on how the Microsoft clipboard works (working with C#) that would be valuable info too (we may have timing issues).

2011-Sep-9 Ooops - it seems we have put up the source code for the old version 2 instead for the new BETA version. This has now been fixed so you can download the proper source if interested.

2011-Aug-11 I have had the BETA source code for a few days now but haven't had any time releasing it - well, now it is available so if you want to take a look for yourself you can download it here, 3.0.4110.27863.beta source

2011-Jul-21 The first BETA version has been released (3.0.4110.27863.beta). In the first place this is the executable only as I have not yet received the sourcecode from Jesper but I am sure his laziness some day will allow him the time to send it to me ;-) I recommend everyone to scrap the old version and download this new BETA version as it is so much better than the old version 2 (it really gave me some problems together with VNC, RDP and Microsoft Office!).
No documentation, screenshots or FAQ has been updated but will be done when the STABLE version will get released.
We would appreciate some feedback on the new version - good as bad.

2011-Jul-11 Even though the new version 3 yet hasn't been released we have received a couple of donations. We really appreciate this, so thanks a lot guys. We have received in total $10 which is nice, with the currently buggy version 2 (if you use VNC/Excel) The new version 3 is ready in a beta test which will be released as soon as I get the source code from Jesper.

2011-Apr-10 A few minor bugs have appeared and sadly we once again cannot keep the deadline for a beta. No need to further explain this other than "business as usual" :-) This IS minor bugs and I am happy to see that we yet have seen no show-stoppers and the beta will be available any time soon™

2011-Apr-3 A very well done coding weekend has passed and we have finished everything as planned - now it is only a matter of testing this for ourself for a little while. We will give it a week with internal testing and if everything is good, we will release a beta in the next coming weekend. But no guarantees - the last time I thought we had a good product it failed miserable at my work where I have a lot of Excel, VNC and RDP connections! Let's see but do note that a release is closer than ever :-)
Also just to get the expectations right - this is mostly a bugfix release. Though everything has been rewritten from scratch, the primary focus for this release was to fix the VNC/RDP bugs as this was making the application more or less unuseable! Minor new features have though also been implemented but it was not the primary in this version.

2011-Apr-2 This weekend we have yet another HovText coding weekend. Currently we have some problems dealing with Excel (2003), VNC and Remote Desktop - those three things don't go along regarding the clipboard! Especially Excel is very aggressive at the clipboard so we are struggling to make ways around it. The other stuff is going as planned and I would say that most of the new features have been finalized... or will be this weekend - just the Excel/VNC/RDP is bugging us!
The public release has been postponed for a little while - we would like a longer beta period for ourself first.

2011-Jan-29 This weekend Jesper and I have another HovText coding weekend. Jesper is working on the actual HovText.exe file while I am polishing the website and preparing the new documentation. The current development looks really good - the new version is taking form. It will be based on the .NET framework which means it theoretically should work on any Windows version with .NET version X (now known yet). We hope to be able to produce a Release Candidate (for internal use only) this weekend but no promisses.
If you are interested in the new version then stay tuned on this webpage.

2011-Jan-29 The danish language on this page has been discontinued so now everything is on english.
We have added the possibility to donate $5 via PayPal. This is for our fun only and just to keep us even more motivated to provide you with new versions in the future too. So you can say that HovText now has become "donate-ware" though it is totally up to you if you want to donate :-)

2010-Oct-30 We have come in the mood for a new version of HovText. There is a mistake in the old version when used together with VNC so it's now time for a new rewritten "HovText - Back to the basics". Though the coding seems to move quickly forward there is still some way before it can be released.

2006-Dec-11 HovText has been declared dead :-( No more development is ongoing as it has become too hard to motivate the coder, Jesper. The application is of course still available for download and use.

2006-Feb-16 Now hovtext.com and hovtext.dk also refers directly to the HovText site.

2006-Feb-16 It is now possible to write a comment or your opinion of HovText in the Feedback menu.

2005-Jul-15 The phpBB forum has been removed. It was not used much and it has MANY security issues! Just email DELETED if you need to get in contact with us.

2005-Jul-13 After an uncountable number of delays and reschedules, we are proud to release HovText v2.0! There is a lot of bugfixes and new features and if you are a v1.0 user, we encouraged you to install this version instead.
See the Changelog for what has changed.

2005-Jun-18 Finally the BETA version of HovText v2.0 is released. Please note that this is a BETA versions and there are some known problems regarding coexistence with VNC Viewer but we are not fully aware on how, when or why.
This BETA version is not for mass distribution and please report any errors or comments to DELETED, thanks.

2005-May-24 As someone may have noticed, we are almost releasing v2.0 of HovText. We would have released it some days ago, but we have discovered an error that must be resolved, before we can release it. Therefore we must postpone the release some days - I can not say exactly when we can release it but it will of course be as soon as possible.
If anyone wants to help, by translating into their native language, we would really appreciate it!
By the way - today Jesper has birthday :-)

2005-Apr-9 I have just finished a total reinstallation of the server, as I do not know 100% what happend in the defacement process. The phpBB forum will be setup again, but of course in an updated version, as soon as possible. The server has been offline from about 20-03 o'clock this night.

2005-Apr-8 The forum has been cancelled, for the moment, as it has been defaced/hacked. I am not yet totally sure how and until that is cleared, there will be no forum. The forum was phpBB v2.0.6. I hope to get the forum back as soon as possible, as we can't do without user feedbacks :-)

2005-Feb-22 The last couple of days, the system has been unstable. I have migrated the old server into a new and more powerful server and there have been many times where the server was offline. The new server is a (FreeBSD v5.3) Intel P4 2.4GHz, 512MB RAM and with a total of 550GB harddisk capacity. I can tell, that it is a dream to build a new release of FreeBSD! :-)

2004-Dec-7 Jesper is sooo incredible slooow and he has not yet done the final coding of HovText v2.0! Aghh... Jesper... get yourselves together and do something! Anyway, it means that HovText v2.0 is postponed in indefinite time. Sorry. If anyone knows of any methods to persuade a lazy developer, then please say so ;-)

2004-Nov-17 Because of all kind of possible bad excuses, we need to postpone the release of HovText v2.0 until 2004-12-03.

2004-Oct-28 HovText v2.0 is now developed in a beta version but we do not think it is ready for a release yet. We need to test it ourselves for some time after which the errors must be corrected and then it must be translated into the respective languages. Of couse we want to have as stable version 2.0 as possible, so if you wish to beta test this version, you should write to Dennis, DELETED after which it will be emailed to you

2004-Sep-27 HovText has been mentioned at Lockergnome and that has given an overwhelming interest of the program! We have noticed the indisputable busiest day yet, Saturday 2004-09-25, when Hovtext was downloaded 622 that one day!!! :-)

2004-Sep-2 We are quite surprised that so many people are downloading HovText, so we have got courage to develop a new and improved version. Version 2.0 is still only thoughts inside our heads but we expects to start the coding within a short time. It is too soon to guess on any release date

2004-Jun-1 HovText v1.0 has today passed 1021 downloads and all versions together has passed 2284 downloads

2004-Apr-26 HovText v1.0 released! This feels really good (project finished) :-)

2004-Apr-23 Business as usual - HovText v1.0 postponed to 2004-04-26 (we are really not too good at this time-coordination!)

2004-Apr-23 Now it is possible to receive an email when there is a new HovText version (see Mailinglist)

2004-Apr-19 HovText v0.8 has just passed 600 unique downloads (it has gone quickly this weekend!) - whow!

2004-Apr-7 HovText v0.8 released

2004-Mar-30 HovText v0.7 released

2004-Mar-29 Release of v0.7 postponed to 2004-03-30

2004-Mar-26 HovText v0.6 has just passed 100 unique downloads (same person from 100 different locations?) ;-) We have though NO idea at all if the program is being used actively after download

2004-Mar-25 Release of v0.7 postponed to 2004-03-29 (the program is finished but we need the translations)

2004-Mar-18 HovText v0.6 has been downloaded 40 times since release

2004-Mar-17 First official translator - Wyz has joined the HovText project as the official french translator (see the Contact page):-)

2004-Mar-17 HovText v0.6 released

2004-Mar-13 Translators needed - we pretty much need some translators. If you wish to take a part in the HovText project, then do not hesitate to contact one of us

2004-Mar-13 Bug reports - we wish to make this project as stable and usuable as possible so if you have any bugs or suggestions, then just keep'em coming :-)

2004-Mar-13 Release of v0.6 postponed to 2004-03-17

2004-Mar-12 A manual recount shows that HovText v0.5 only has been downloaded 74 times until now - the 114 times was apparent including retransmissions/resumed downloads etc.

2004-Mar-8 Just for some future nostalgic reason - HovText v0.5 (executable) is currently downloaded 114 times :-)

2004-Mar-8 Release of v0.6 postponed to 2004-03-12

2004-Mar-6 WEB site fixed so it will default into english and it is possible to choose language

2004-Mar-4 HovText v0.5 released

2004-Mar-4 HovText WEB page translated into danish (it is now in danish and english)

2004-Feb-27 HovText v0.4 released

2004-Feb-25 HovText v0.3 released

2004-Feb-25 HovText v0.2 released

2004-Feb-24 HovText v0.1 released (initial release)

2004-Feb-23 HovText project started.. let the coding begin! :-)