HovText  .:: a simple and user-friendly Windows open source clipboard manager

HovText is a simple free open source Windows clipboard manager, which will remove any formatting from the copied text and save it for later retrieval via hotkeys. It stores both the unformatted cleartext and the original formatting along with images.

Fun facts




Development will show both the ongoing (if any) development version and the potential future roadmap.

Development version in progress - will be part of next stable release

I expect to release this some time in the start of 2024.

This is a major new release which introduces a lot of new functionalities like e.g. a new modern UI, mouse support and the ability to save the content of the clipboard entries, even after a reboot.

Additionally, when HovText is disabled then it no longer copies/processes the clipboard content when re-enabling the application. This means you can now copy sensitive information, such as a password, without it being captured by the application (HovText should be disabled).

NOTE: The "instant-select" interface has been removed and now only the "Search" interface is available.

NOTE: The "Toggle favorite entry" key can give unintended behaviour in "Search" if you have set a normal character as key - you cannot search for text containing this character. Any previously configured alpha-numeric character and SPACE in "Toggle favorite entry" is converted to the new default Oem5 key.

  • Fixed it could not display clipboard entries with more than 64Kb text in the clipboard list (done)
  • Fixed it will not briefly show application window at startup (before minimizing it) (done)
  • Added new UI (done)
  • Added saving clipboard entries to local computer (encrypted) (done)
  • Added "Welcome Guide" at first launch (done)
  • Added "Start as disabled" (done)
  • Added possibility to scroll with mouse in clipboard list and select (done)
  • Added application icon from where the clipboard come from (done)
  • Added showing memory consumption under "Advanced" tab (done)
  • Added favorites can be marked in "Search" interface (done)
  • Added possibility to search for transparent images (done)
  • Changed default key for "Toggle favorite entry" (done)
  • Changed "Toggle favorite entry" no longer can be set to alpha-numeric characters including SPACE (done)
  • Changed it will not process/copy clipboard at startup or application enabling (done)
  • Changed display of images in clipboard list will auto-fit to element size (done)
  • Changed deleting an entry will no longer jump to the top of the list (done)
  • Changed it will only check for an update if the tray notification has been shown (done)
  • Changed prompt for "too big troubleshooting file" will only show if logging is active (done)
  • Changed CPU architecture from primarily x86 to x64 only (done)
  • Removed "Instant-select" interface (done)
  • Refactoring of some code and a few trivial changes (ongoing)

  • Newest available development version of this can be downloaded from here and testers are encouraged to download and report any issues.

    Future roadmap

    This is a list of ideas and wishlist of potential new functionalities - at least I am considering it but there is no guarantee at all and it may never be realized :-) Strikethrough items have been considered, but will (for now) not be done.

    Please feel free to comment on the same or suggest other functionalities via Contact.

  • New modern UI (any ideas for nice looking and reasonable priced frameworks?)
  • Extended Validation code signing certificate (way too pricy currently)