HovText  .:: a simple and user-friendly Windows open source clipboard manager

HovText is a simple free open source Windows clipboard manager, which will remove any formatting from the copied text and save it for later retrieval via hotkeys. It stores both the unformatted cleartext and the original formatting along with images.

Fun facts




To give the shortest possible introduction, then HovText is created by two persons from Denmark:

Dennis Jesper

Dennis as the idea-man and developer of the web page and now the new "Rebooted" version, since 2020.
Jesper as the developer for all the older non-Rebooted versions (everything before 2020).

HovText history

HovText is a rather old application which saw its first light back in 2004 - that is now 20 years ago (2024 when writing this). It did start with me (Dennis, writing this) having a need to remove formatting from the text copied and I did convince my programming buddy, Jesper, to develop it as Jesper does C# development as a living. By time HovText got refined and better and it did culminate with a rather good and stable HovText in 2011, version 3, though it was released as a BETA only. However then timed changed - both in terms of Windows and its newer versions and breaking changes, which made HovText very unstable and also the lack of programming motivation from Jesper, as it was not something he used at all... so there was an understanding that this could not continue forever, so the project was abandoned in 2015 and we declared the project as DEAD... End of Life! :-/

As time did pass then in 2020 it did get a renewed interest as I was really motivated and dedicated to get this done as I could not live with the unstable old HovText and no other clipboard managers or "remove formatting" products did live up to what I wanted, so after one last motivational speak, then I did succeed to motivate Jesper for a final one-off programming day where Jesper did help lay the foundation for a new REBOOTED edition of HovText. Jesper helped me understand the basics of C# and we did manage to create an initial basic draft version, that had many of the core functionalities from the old version.

After that I did fully take over the programming and with Google and Stack Overflow as best friends (and now also ChatGPT), then I got the hang of it and quite a few new versions were quickly released. The newer versions even expanded the functionalities from the legacy version.

Here-and-now (2024) I still get the motivation to support and continue the development of HovText - people do occasionally send a donation, which makes me happy that someone else actively uses HovText, so once I know of new functionalities or bugfixes then I will spit out new versions - ideally 1-2 stable versions per year.

As this ended with basically the entire HovText history then I find it appropriate to show a picture from HovText v1.0, released 2004-April-26. You can recognize some functionalities are the same as-of today:

The Hovgaard Klan

Back in the good old MS-DOS days (before 1993) then Jesper and I formed the informal The Hovgaard Klan (HovKlan) where we did make many small DOS utilities for ourself and our friends. We love free and open source and we want to continue in that same spirit, which is why we always have kept HovText open source and free for everyone to look in to or even get inspired from, if possible.

We have done quite a few small tools used primarily by ourself. This was pre-internet, so you will not find any information for it but HovPlay was distributed outside our inner circles and it was the "biggest" of the below ones. It was a computer CD player that could show some track information of the played song, if the CD was already indexed by us or others - it was a nice little gimmick in the old days :-)
  • 1993, HovDir (MS-DOS)
  • 1995, HovBirth (MS-DOS)
  • 1995, HovEvent (MS-DOS)
  • 1996, HovFido (MS-DOS)
  • 1996, HovPlay (MS-DOS)
  • 2004, HovText (Windows)
  • 2004, HovMon (Windows)

If you like/dislike HovText, have any feedback or you want to report an error, then we would appreciate your comment from the Contact page or the "Feedback" tab inside the application, but otherwise please enjoy using HovText :-)

HovText is made in Denmark: