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Current preferable version is 3.0.4110.27863.beta (released 2011-07-20)
Current development version is 3.0 (estimated STABLE release is... sometime)

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To see a full list of changes please see the Changelog page.
Newest available/BETA version (download this one - requires Microsoft .NET Framework):
2011-07-20HovText 3.0.4110.27863.beta executable (232KBytes) sourcecode (71KBytes)
Old/archived versions:
2005-07-13HovText 2.0 setup (508KBytes) sourcecode (71KBytes)
2004-04-26HovText 1.0 executable (1.110KBytes) sourcecode (60KBytes)
2004-04-07HovText 0.8 executable (1.105KBytes) sourcecode (58KBytes)
2004-03-30HovText 0.7 executable (1.107KBytes) sourcecode (57KBytes)
2004-03-17HovText 0.6 executable (772KBytes) sourcecode (54KBytes)
2004-03-04HovText 0.5 executable (751KBytes) sourcecode (49KBytes)
2004-02-27HovText 0.4 executable (708KBytes) sourcecode (66KBytes)
2004-02-25HovText 0.3 executable (623KBytes) sourcecode (16KBytes)
2004-02-25HovText 0.2 executable (470KBytes) sourcecode (7KBytes)
2004-02-24HovText 0.1 executable (461KBytes)(no sourcecode available)

HovText is released under the revised BSD license.
This means it is all free to use and the sourcecode
may be used in other applications as long
The Hovgaard Klan is specified as the author.
HovText can also be used in companies without
any fees.