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HovText is a free open source Windows .NET clipboard manager, which will remove any formatting from the copied text and save it for later retrieval in the clipboard manager.



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This documentation always refers to the newest released version only! No documentation is availble for any older versions and you are encourgaed to update to the newest version.

Topics to cover:

We have always been huge fans of free and open source software so of course HovText is the same! :-) You are allowed to use this software on any computer you want including your work computer, if you are allowed to use it there of course. As any other developers doing this in our spare time then we of course could hope for a "fair use", which means that if you like HovText and you use it on a daily basis, then we would naturally appreciate a donation for whatever amount you find reasonable and fair. This would for sure motivate for continues support, if we see this is a tool that actually is used and liked by others :-) Use the "Donate" link in the menu if you want to support us.

We do not want anyone to benefit economically from our work, so HovText or its code base is not to be sold, redistributed or repackaged in any way without full written agreement with us first! This is not fair and we hope for your understanding of this.

Your data and internet connectivity

It is quite important for us to stress out that your history entries are not saved or stored anywhere! It resides in your computer's memory only, so the next time you restart then it is gone for good. It also does not save or communicate your history to the internet in any way! The only internet activity HovText does, is checking for a newer version and it does this on each application startup only, if this has been enabled (it is enabled by default). HovText does not save any files to the filesystem but it does save configuration parameters in the registry - view Registry settings for details.


HovText requires Windows 7 or newer and .NET Framework 4.x

Install and start HovText

There is no installation required for HovText - just download the executable file, save it where you want and run the "HovText.exe" file.
For the first time you run it then you might see this - click the "More info" link:

This is perfectly normal and just shows that you should be observant, that this is a new file from an untrusted source. As the HovText executeable file is not signed with a trusted certificate from us then you will see this warning but just click "Run anyway" and then you will not see it again.


[Start with Windows]
When checked then HovText will startup together with Windows. It will always start minimized when launched by Windows startup.

[Check for updates online]
At startup of HovText then it will check if there is a newer version available. If there is then it will show a dialouge screen, where you can choose to go to the homepage or skip this version. If you press "Skip this version" then you will not be notified of the same new version again.
View Update for details.

[Enable application]
If not checked then it will act as this application has not been started, except that it will still react on the application toggle on/off. If it is disabled then it will not catch any clipboard changes or history entries nor will it remove any formatting.
You can enable/disable HovText by clicking this checkbox, by using the "Toggle application on/off" hotkey or by clicking the HovText icon in the tray area.

[Close minimizes application to tray]
When checked then it will not exit/terminate HovText when the "Close" button is clicked but instead it will minimize the application to tray. The application will continue to run in the background.
When HovText is minimized you can either double-click the tray icon or right-click it and choose an action.

[Enable history]
One of the key features is that HovText can remember the copied texts or pictures. You can recall any old entry by using the hotkeys for "Show older entry" or "Show newer entry" and then it will show the content of that specific history entry in the history area.

[Paste on history selection]
When you select something from the history then it will automatically paste the content to the active window, if this is checked.

[Trim whitespaces]
After copying the content of the clipboard then it will remove the whitespaces or new-lines in the beginning or end of the text.


[Always action]
Default behaviour is that HovText always will remove formatting from any text, which means that it will copy only the clear-text content to the clipboard. When pasting with standard Windows paste (e.g. CTRL+V or SHIFT+INSERT) then you will get the clear-text output only.
This is basically the same as pasting the formatted text to Notepad and then copy it from there.

[Action only on hotkey]
This feature is currently not available as I cannot figure out how to do this! :-/
With this feature then it will not touch the system clipboard but instead only paste directly the clear-text to the active application when the "Paste on hotkey" hotkey is pressed.

[Toggle application on/off]
Enable or disable HovText. If disabled then it will not catch any history entries or remove the formatting. Only the toggle functionality in HovText will still be active.

[Show older entry]
Show the history area and go back in time and show older history entries.
When reaching the oldest entry then it cannot go any further.
Releasing all the modifier keys (ALT, SHIFT or CONTROL) will select this history entry.
Note that as soon as any of the hotkey fields are activated then all the hotkeys will be removed temporarily to avoid conflicts.

[Show newer entry]
Show the history area and go forward in time and show newer history entries.
When reaching the newest entry then it cannot go any further.
Releasing all the modifier keys (ALT, SHIFT or CONTROL) will select this history entry.
Note that as soon as any of the hotkey fields are activated then all the hotkeys will be removed temporarily to avoid conflicts.

[Paste on hotkey]
This is the hotkey for the "Action only on hotkey" feature which hopefully will come in the future. There is no action done with this hotkey nor can it be anabled for now.
Note that as soon as any of the hotkey fields are activated then all the hotkeys will be removed temporarily to avoid conflicts.

This will activate the selected hotkeys.
If you get any text with "Unsupported" then that specific hotkey is either already taken or invalid and you should select a new combination.
You can remove a hotkey by pressing DELETE or BACKSPACE. This will set the hotkey to "Not set" which means it is not active.

Will restore whatever was there previously.


[History area]
You can set the size of the history area.

[History color theme]
You can set the color for the history area.

[History font]
You can select the font style and size for the history area.

[History location]
You can select the location for the history area.


It will show the specific version and some other borring stuff.


The history is where it will show either the previous copied text or picture when traversing up or down in the historic entries.
It will also show from which application this content came though it is not always clean and concrete as it shows the process name.


When there is a newer version available then it will be shown in this dialouge. It will not do much except for showing this. If you want to update then you must go to the home page yourself and download the new version.
After download of the new version then exit the running HovText and replace it with the new version.
The new version will read all settings from the previous version.
If you select "Skip this version" then it will not notify you again with the same version, the next time you start the application.


In the tray area you will find the green HovText icon. You may need to expand the tray area to be able to see it as it will be hidden by default.
The icon can have two colors - green for enabled and red for disabled.
If you right-click the icon then you get a context menu where you either can exit Hovtext, go to the settings or to the About tab.

If you click the icon once then it will toggle the application on/off. When it is off then it behaves as it was not started at all, except for it reacting on the toggle application on/off again.
If you double-click the icon then it will start the Settings tab.

Commandline parameters

When started from commandline then there is only one parameter:

Will directly minimize to the tray and not show any user interface on application startup.

Registry settings

There are two places in registry where HovText operates:
    • HovText configuration parameters
  • Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\HovText
    • Will startup HovText when Windows starts
Both places can be deleted for clean-up but do not mess with it if you are insecure on this!!!

Software used

HovText has been developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
It uses a hotkey library named NHotkey.
The required hotkey DLL file has been embedded in the executable file with Costura.