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Current preferable version is 3.0.4110.27863.beta (released 2011-07-20)
Current development version is 3.0 (estimated STABLE release is... sometime)

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 This page is related to the old version 2 - there is a newer 3-BETA version available but it has not yet been documented - please see the Download section 

Well, this is actually not much of a knowledgebase but it is just as many questions as we can think could be a problem.

Are there any known issues/bugs in HovText?
In version 2.0 there are some problems when HovText is active and used together with VNC and Word.
VNC periodically makes HovText unresponsive and occasionally Word crashes if the text is cut/pasted.

How do I uninstall HovText?
Go into Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs and uninstall HovText.

How do I download HovText?
Go into the Download page and rightclick on the "setup" - choose "Save destination as".
Or download it from here, HovText20_setup.exe

How do I start HovText?
Go into Start, Programs, HovText and choose the HovText icon. Then a little green (active) icon will show up in your bottom right corner.
When Hovtext is active (green icon), it removes the formatting from the clipboard.

Is it necessary to install the application (I would like to avoid the installation)?
No, just copy the executeable file, HovText.exe, between your machines and the run the file.
The HovText executable (HovText.exe) can be run from anywhere - just put it on a USB stick or alike.

I want to COMPLETELY remove HovText - howto?
First you need to uninstall it through Add/Remove Programs.
Then you should delete the registry keys [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\The Hovgaard Klan].
After this you are just as good as new (except all the other crap in the registry database).

Do you have unanswered questions?
Use the Support form then we will answer as soon as possible.