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Current preferable version is 3.0.4110.27863.beta (released 2011-07-20)
Current development version is 3.0 (estimated STABLE release is... sometime)

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# Information
2011-07-20 @ 23:59 HovText v3.0.4110.27863.beta released
# Totally rewritten (now requires Microsoft .NET Framework)
# Much simpler Settings but with better options
# It now also shows pictures in history
# It will notify when a new (stable?) version is released
# ... more ...

2005-07-13 @ 23:06 HovText v2.0 released
! Major bug - when two HovText applications runs simultaneous in a VNC session it crashes both VNC and HovText
! Major bug - the unformatted clipboard data size can now be 4GB instead of 32KB
! Minor bug - when you doubleclick the trayicon the window is hidden in the back
! Insignificant bug - the order, when stepped through the keyboard, at the configuration page is not logical
+ Windows Installer - HovText can be installed and uninstalled through Add/Remove Programs
+ History - possibility to recreate old copied text (a simple clipoard manager)
+ Possibility to recreate the original clipboard contents when HovText is disabled
+ Possibility to also specify a regular expression seachstring as a linktype
+ Possibility to remove identical lines
+ The first time HovText is started, it comes with an info popup that tells, that HovText is started
* HovText now operates with its own memory scope
* The filesize is sharply reduced (from 1,1MB to 0,51MB)

2004-04-26 @ 21:25 HovText v1.0 released
* Sourcecode - Codeoptimization and comments inside the code
+ Translation - Italian language
+ Translation - Swedish language
! Long delay when HovText was started first and then copying into fx. Outlook (fixed)
* Language selection sorted alphabetical

2004-04-07 HovText v0.8 released
+ Single click on task tray icon activates/deactivates the program
+ When you delete an own-defined linkfield it will also be deleted from the registry

2004-03-30 HovText v0.7 released
+ Links - posibillity to choose what links to copy (email, web, movies, pictures etc.)
+ Double click on task tray icon - to get the Settings
! CPU consumption in WinXP - rarely when on copy, the Hovtext process could take drastic CPU resources

2004-03-17 HovText v0.6 released
! Major bug - when used with "Copy only on hotkey" it is not possible to paste into eg. Word etc. (fixed)
+ Include the "BSD License, Revised" inside the source package
+ Language - german, french and dutch added
+ Language - possibility to change between languages
! Major bug - it is not possible to copy binary files in Windows (fixed)
* At copy only links - MailTo and javascript tags removed
! Minor bug - registry settings are now saved on changes and not when the program is closed
! Minor bug - OpTool coexistence (HovText now access the clipboard once instead of every 5 seconds)

2004-03-04 HovText v0.5 released
! Minor bug - error if you open a dialog box twice (fixed)
* Feature - mode of operation regarding "always active or only active on hotkey". Now it is "Copy only on hotkey" (see documentation)
* Icon - finalized icons
+ Icon - there are now three icons (depending on hotkey function)
+ Feature - copy only links

2004-02-27 HovText v0.4 released
! Minor bug - if you choose the same hotkey it only deactivates the application (fixed)
! Minor bug - hinttext in tray when active/inactive fixed
? Minor bug - error if you open a dialog box twice
* About - new picture
+ General - only possible to startup one instance of the application
+ Feature - automatic startup with Windows
+ Feature - remove leading/trailing whitespaces
+ Feature - remove leading/trailing linebreaks
+ Feature - mode of operation (always active or only active on hotkey)

2004-02-25 HovText v0.3 released
! Icon - new icons in tray
+ Menu - new menu item (Options)
+ Menu - new menu item (About)
+ Feature - remove all registry settings for the current user
+ Feature - possibillity to specify startup condition (active, inactive or as last condition)
+ Feature - possibillity to use your own custom made icons
+ Feature - hotkey. Activates or deactivates the application
+ Feature - multiple users support on the same machine (creates settings in registry)
# Registry - creates key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\The Hovgaard Klan\HovText\]
# Registry - creates value [..\HovText\HotKey]
# Registry - creates value [..\HovText\StartAs]
# Registry - creates value [..\HovText\LastState]
? Minor bug - if you choose the same hotkey it only deactivates the application

2004-02-25 HovText v0.2 released
+ Icon - there are now two icons (active/inactive)
! Icon - new icons in tray
+ Language - autodetect danish/english language in themenu
! Menu - when focus is removed from the menu it disapears
# First sourcekode released

2004-02-24 HovText v0.1 released
# Intial release